1° Geniko Lykeio Artemidos: Our school is a high school which has 300 students and 30 teachers. It offers general education to students between 15-18 years old and prepare them for their studies at Univercity through national exams. (20% immigrants with difficulties in language). We think it is very useful for the socialisation of our students to have the experience of erasmus programs and it is something they want themselves very much. We also believe that they will learn many things in a more creative way and they will practice some soft skills such as respect to everyone. The key people of running thw program will be Ageliki Kontogiwrgi and Olga Papadopoulou. In case these persons leave their post in the future they will take over this role Konstantina Stamelou, Kostas Balaras, Vasiliki Papayianni, Ageliki Skouloudi. Nearby our school is Vravrona with the famous archaeological site that includes the famous temple of the goddess Artemis. Therefore many teachers have studied this monument with their students. We also carry out every year educational visits at archaeological sites.