The Istituto D’Istruzione Superiore, “F. Ferrara”, a technical and vocational school located in Mazara Del Vallo has 1050 students aged 14 – 19 years old and 150 teachers. The social context is medium low and the unemployment rate in the families is rather high due to the heavy economical situation our country is living. It is a school with different branches in Tourism, Administration Finance and Marketing, Services for gastronomy and hotel sector, health care sector, Maintenance and Technical Support. We do activities related to the labor world as The Simulated Enterprise Training, that allows students to learn while they are working ,offering them the acquisition of working skills, it is also ” a school center for Alternating School-Work offering opportunities to develop social and practical skills to be considered as an added value in the job market. Many branches integrate the specific professional skills with foreign languages and IT and contribute to the innovation and improvement of our school inside the European dimension. Our goal, in all branches is to strengthen our educational opportunities to attract more pupils and parents to promote qualitative educational services as well as being known at a local, regional and international level. Our Institution is doing any effort to offer more also, using Apps as an easy way to exploit in all contexts of life. Particular attention is paid to languages since four languages are studied. We also provide English and French courses concluding with final exams issued by Trinity College, Cambridge and DELF. In 2017 the school was involved in an international project called “ WHAT APPS! DISCOVER TO GROW UP! This project was financed by ERASMUS+ Program KA1 action. During that project, in Ireland, our teachers were trained to implement digital learning and they learned how to exploit their potential skills using existing tools. These new techniques were the starting point towards a new project on challenges discovered during teaching activities. In this way this new project is a long term effect to another project called ”ADDITIONAL PROMOTING PROGRESS SOCIETY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.” This project financed by ERASMUS+ Program KA2 action, still in progress, is developing new ways to implement skills already achieved. Now we intend cooperate with partners from other countries to improve the quality of our preparation, implementation, monitoring and managing the follow-up of European international projects. Investing in this project is important to improve the work of those who operate in school , substantially improving the digital services, creating a system for which access to the web will become simple and sustainable. The key people in charge of running the project will be an English teacher already experienced in European projects and an IT teacher. They could be substituted by teachers with the same role if necessary.