Economic College Dimitrie Cantemir is a vocational school with a long tradition in teaching economic education. It offers specialized training in fields like: economic activities, tourism, administration, gastronomy, commerce, mathematics – computer science to more than 1.500 students, taught by 80 teachers. The school is situated in a socio-economic disadvantaged area. More than 60% of the students commute to school from the county’s villages. School represents an attraction point for our Suceava’s school population due to the perspectives it offers and it has become the leader for economic and speciality training at European level in our county. The college welcomes its students with an elaborated infrastructure for teaching speciality subjects: two training firms, two gastronomy laboratories equipped at European standards, a Junior travel agency. Our school believes it is a priority that our students gain both professional competences, general skills and create values and positive attitudes about living and promoting a good life. A number of extracurricular activities are undertaken in order to cover this key factor in students’ development. International programs like Eco-Schools, Junior Achievement, eTwinning are implemented regularly. Extracurricular activities are organised, during counselling classes or throughout the one week from our school year dedicated to projects outside the core syllabus. These activities sometimes focus on making students more sensitive to the meaning of European culture. Starting from 2003, a variety of activities designed to bring an European dimension to our college have been performed and involved students, teachers, parents, local community representatives. They opened the path to education for European values, communication in a foreign language, using ICT. Because of the activities performed at European level, our school gained the title “European School” in 2011, 2015 and 2018, with remarkable signs of progress made in the quality of teaching and learning and a constant improvement in school results. Currently, on an international level, the college maintains partnership relations with schools from Austria, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania under the frame of the Erasmus+ program, and also through other types of educational activities. The teachers who will run this project are all tenures, with high moral and educational values and good command of English. Florentina Sfichi, the team coordinator, teaches specialised disciplines (business marketing) and has a large experience (20 years) in teaching and coordinating extracurricular projects. Mihaela Anton is a teacher of English with experience in international projects and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. Our school has set up a team of qualified teachers that will carry out tasks for the project, with appropriate language knowledge and abilities to deal with all the topics related to the project.