Španjolska, Granadilla de Abona IES Los Cardones is a secondary high school in the south of Tenerife, Spain, with 762 pupils from a variety of backgrounds and a total staff of 66 teachers. We educate students from 12 (after finishing primary education) to 18 when they join university or a vocational program. Around 35% belong to low-income families from different countries, which means our school has a variety of cultural backgrounds and the challenge to turn this opportunity into a learning experience of personal development for everyone. We would like to participate in international cooperative activities to share our culture, traditions, way of life, interests, and natural and cultural heritage; we are eager to learn about our partners and their heritage and their way of dealing with different challenges. We want to exchange educational experiences, use the partnership as a motivational tool for our students, spread the need for foreign languages to get in touch with different cultures and consolidate our European citizenship. We have taken part in some European projects since 2006 as a way to open our school to Europe and make it more international. This project deals with a crucial topic, UNESCO heritage. World Heritage is a building block for peace and sustainable development. This project will be a source of identity and dignity for our community, a source of knowledge and strength to be shared and to be learn by our students, teachers and families. Our project coordinator has 18 years of experience as a teacher and comprehensive experience as a coordinator in international projects. He has a diploma in religious studies and a master degree in interpretation and translation. Our school has set up a team of qualified teachers that will carry out tasks for the project. They have the language knowledge to use CLIL methodology in their area of expertise and have participated in different European programs. They have developed organisational competencies as coordinators, carrying out projects in the school like “The Gender Equality Project” and “Human Rights and Solidarity Project”, both are still on-going. They develop materials for project based learning using ICT in their daily lessons and have the motivation and position in the school to take initiatives. Our school is used to having a great amount of new teachers every year and we have never had to cancel any project because of this matter, because of this a group of teachers able to develop the CLIL programme in the school is guaranteed by our educational administration service. They are always willing to take the responsibility of working in the Erasmus project as part of their work.